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Dr. Kerry Moll

Across the country, people need a trusted group like Intersection, ready to support small, growing, and large organizations with tailored services that help turn ideas into direct impact. 


Born out of a passion to help all sizes of organizations maximize their reach while staying within budget, I founded Intersection in 2014 with the vision of supporting nonprofits in my local community and across the country. What started small, has grown into a driven team of consultants who are motivated by knowing our work makes a difference.


We have the experience our clients need; we aren't generalists but seasoned professionals who have deep experience with schools, political campaigns, corporate and personal finance, state agencies, youth programs, K-12 policy and advocacy, human capital teams, global non-profits, and multi-national technology corporations.

Intersection supports organizations of all sizes who are striving to create a better world for future generations. We emphasize working with those who believe diverse teams, inclusive cultures and programs, along with bold work, creates a better and more equitable life for all.

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